Vire au vert

Vire au vert is a citizen mobilization initiative designed to bring environmental issues to the forefront during election campaigns in Quebec. The goal is to encourage political parties and candidates to make ambitious commitments in favour of the environment.

How? By informing, mobilizing, equipping and supporting citizens so that they can express their environmental concerns to candidates and/or political parties, discuss with their friends and families, and make informed choices when it comes time to vote.

With the 2021 municipal elections approaching, Vire au vert seeks to inform and engage both voters and candidates about environmental issues that must be discussed during the municipal election campaign.

Vire au vert is a collaboration of a coalition of citizen groups and organizations that care about the environment. It is not intended to favour or disadvantage any party or candidate, nor their ideas or actions. Under no circumstances will Vire au vert say for whom to vote or not to vote.

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Press release Citizen groups and environmental organizations launch ambitious campaign to put the environment at the forefront of the municipal elections


Let’s put the environment at the forefront of our municipal elections

On November 7, 2021, citizens of 1,108 Quebec municipalities will elect representatives who will decide the future of their communities for the next 4 years.

With less than 10 years left to avoid runaway climate change, we must work towards rapid transitions in land use, energy, construction, transportation and urban planning.

Municipalities play a crucial role in realizing these transitions. Solutions exist and 82% of Quebecers demand urgent action to fight climate change and protect the environment. In the upcoming municipal elections, we must ensure that our elected officials have the political will to make the necessary changes.

Our environmental proposals

This document of 10 environmental proposals for municipal candidates is the result of work done by the Front commun pour la transition énergétique, the Groupe-Mobilisation and the Pact for Transition. It’s a tool to help inform and mobilize anyone who is concerned about the climate crisis, and to help them make informed choices among the various candidates running for election to their municipal or MRC councils.

Vire au vert is asking candidates and political parties to make ambitious commitments in 10 key areas.

During an election period, elected officials and candidates are very sensitive to the demands of their electors. Citizens, now is the time to get involved! Share your environmental concerns to improve your community and the environment!

Send the environmental proposals to your elected officials and candidates

Use this email template (in French) to send The Planet Goes to City Hall: Citizens' Proposals on Environmental Issues to your municipal council and ask your current elected officials to include them in their electoral platform.

Thank you!